Tandoor Brown Limestone

Tandoor Brown Limestone

Tandoor Brown Limestone is immensely used for the purpose of building establishment. These durable products are also known for their excellent uniformity and consistency. Our pure limestone is a blend of fine finishing and long lasting sheen. As per the requirements and preferences of the clients, we offer these in varied specifications.

About Tandoor Brown Limestone

Tandoor Brown Limestone is available in Brownish yellow color and generally used both for interiors as well as exteriors. This stone has a very uniform natural split surface finish. It is used in form of tiles, slabs, cobbles. Tandoor Brown limestones of these areas were used for building in Roman times and, in later centuries and to-date, have been the traditional building material of their localities, Many buildings throughout these counties bear witness to this. In addition, some limestones are extensively used outside their areas of origins as is evidenced by the many fine buildings to be seen throughout the British Isles, particularly in major cities and towns. Cathedrals, churches and numerous public and private buildings provide outstanding examples of the durability and beauty of these limestones and they show through the skill of the mason, how this stone is so eminently suitable for producing masonry of excellence in all aspects of plain and detailed work that may be required.

The colours of Limestone range from almost white to the warm honey tone of Bath stones with grey/blue and darker browns a feature in some limestones. Textures range from fine even grained stones to the smooth fossil bearing types.

Tandoor Brown limestone generally have good load bearing properties and weathering characteristics although correct detailing is important as with all building materials. Limestones must not be used above sandstones on exterior elevations. The properties of individual types of stone can vary considerably and advice should always be sought on the selection of suitable stones, both for general and particular applications.

Tandoor Brown Limestone Specifications

COLOUR Shade of bluish green
AVAILABILITY Tiles, Slabs, Blocks, Cobbles
EDGES Both hand chiseled and machine cut (sawn)
TILE SIZE (cms) 28 x 28, 42 x 42, 28 x 56, 56 x 56, 56 x 84, 56 x 112, - 30 x 30, 45 x 45,30 x 60, 60 x 60, 60 x 90, 60 x 120 Cut to size Tiles
THICKNESS 15mm to 50mm with a tolerance of ±5mm
19mm to 21mm with a tolerance of ±1mm (back sides calibrated)
SLAB SIZE (cms) Cut to size slabs Upto 270cm length and 150cm width

Recommended Applications

  • Flooring
  • Stair
  • Raiser
  • Wall cladding
  • Swimming pool
  • Fountain
  • Table top
  • Garden
  • Wall cap
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen

Available in Different Surface Finishes