Mint Fossil Sandstone

Mint Fossil Sandstone

A natural stone with the mix and match of base colour mint and off white cream has natural fossil leaves all over the surface. It also has a milky wide tone with no fossil marks which is also know as Mint white. This stone has wide application in gardening as the colour suits all kind of weather conditions.

About Mint Fossil Sandstone

Mint Fossil is a very popular choice in sandstone paving because of its soft colours. It has a mixture of buff, golden, brown, mint & mild pink colours.

This stone is having unique fern like fossil shapes on them which are formed by mineral deposits on these stones, which helps in adding a distinctive touch to its appearance. It is beautiful natural Sandstone paving with a mixture of yellow, buff, and ripened mango colors. With its natural tones and shades, Fossil Sandstone paving blends in with any surrounding.

Mint sandstone are widely used in construction of building and houses in exteriors interiors of resorts, hotels, pubs, parking, pool side, garden benches and so sort. Unlike manufactured stone products, the colour of natural stone does vary. Any pictures shown or samples taken should be regarded as a guide only and not necessarily a completely accurate representation of the stone that will be delivered. You dream and we turn into reality of interior decorators, home designers, architects etc. Wonderful blend of quality and utility you will get sufficient information available for indian sandstones which will assist you immensely. Indian mint Sandstone is known for its natural beauty and is widely used for decorating the cladding, paving, flooring and the list goes on and on. One of the advantages of the stone is that it is resistant to weather and hence you ensure complete gloss in all the seasons since there is no fear of the formation of algae which might deteriorates its condition. Mint Sandstone is the natural Indian sandstone of the century! This sedimentary rock is great for giving your place that lovely antique look. We stock various types of sandstones that are ideal for paving, tiling or even creating a remarkable cultural design. The warmth of sandstone tiling makes it feel as if you are at one with nature. As proud exporters of natural building stones we guarantee customer satisfaction. Enjoy our garden of stones that are suitable for any occasion. There are no limits to the beauties and wonders of nature and we have recognized this undisputed fact!

It has hard surface which makes it an ideal stone for outdoor paving, wall covering and cladding, Patios, Pathways, Steps, Pool Surrounding & many more applications.

Mint Fossil Sandstone Specifications

COLOUR Mint White with a mix yellow cream.
AVAILABILITY Tiles, Slabs, Blocks, Cobbles
EDGES Both hand chiseled and machine cut (sawn)
TILE SIZE (cms) 28 x 28, 42 x 42, 28 x 56, 56 x 56, 56 x 84, 56 x 112, - 30 x 30, 45 x 45,30 x 60, 60 x 60, 60 x 90, 60 x 120 Cut to size Tiles
THICKNESS 15mm to 50mm with a tolerance of ±5mm
19mm to 21mm with a tolerance of ±1mm (back sides calibrated)
SLAB SIZE (cms) Cut to size slabs Upto 270cm length and 150cm width

Recommended Applications

  • Flooring
  • Stair
  • Raiser
  • Wall cladding
  • Swimming pool
  • Fountain
  • Table top
  • Garden
  • Wall cap
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen

Available in Different Surface Finishes